Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nexus One - is Google starting to put an end to the whole "Nexus One experiment"

Recent moves on the Nexus One horizon makes one wonder if Google isn't starting to put an end to the whole « Nexus One Experiment » :

1) The 4/21/2010 Ry Guy post on the spotty 3G part 2 thread saying Google will no longer investigate the 3G issue

2) The 4/26/2010 news and updates designating the HTC Incredible as the next step after the Nexus One and announcing the Nexus One availability by april 30th in Europe when the HTC Desire — which doesn't seem to suffer from the same issues the Nexus One has — is already available from different mobile phone providers and resellers in Europe.

3) Is there another superphone Google wants to sell in it's online store after the Nexus One ?