Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aldiko - the free ebook reader on Android (epub format)

Aldiko is a great Android App to read your ebooks right on your mobile phone.

You can import the epub ebooks you already own from the sdcard. Non epub format DRM-free ebooks can be converted to epub format using Calibre software.

As editors like O'Reilly, Manning, Mark Murphy's CommonsWare have started to release their books in DRM-free ebook format, the mobile as an ebook reader is becoming more and more a reality.

The QR-code to access the Aldiko app on the Android Market is here.

The app is also announced to be available on the alternative SlideMe app market on the Aldiko blog post but I can't find it.


a2b said...

Aldiko free ebook reader is also available on the Archos dedicated AppsLib marketplace from the Archos 5 IT device.

a2b said...

Aldiko can be downloaded from AndAppStore alternative Android App marketplace. A version dedicated to the Archos 5 IT is also available there.

a2b said...

For those who wonder, as far as I know, Aldiko can't read epub ebooks protected by DRM : for DRM-protected epub to be supported, the Android device should be able to be activated according to the Adobe Digital Edition process, which is not possible as far as I know.

If someone has other news about that point, please let me know.

So, the only solution to read DRM-protected epub ebooks is to get rid of the DRM-protection. There are tools for that :
1) head to Circumventing Adobe ADEPT DRM for EPUB on I♥CABBAGES blog to get a global understanding of the whole DRM-removing process,
2) then look for the 2 python scripts to remove DRM on the web using your preferred search engine    ;-)
3) get rid of the DRM-protection on your ebooks
4) enjoy reading DRM-free ebooks on your Android device

I support DRM-removing for the books that have been **BOUGHT**, as I think everyone should have the RIGHT to read the books he/she **OWNS** where he/she wants.

grohon said...

thanks for sharing this site. you can download lots of ebook from here

a2b said...

La librairie en ligne (des anciens de O'Reilly france) propose un grand nombre d'ouvrages en français avec uniquement un "tatouage" : « protection immaté sans DRM vous permettant de modifier, copier et imprimer votre fichier pour votre usage personnel. Votre nom et e-mail est inscrit sur chaque page. » Les ouvrages en questions sont marqués par un petit smiley :-)

Par ailleurs, lorsque l'éditeur propose plusieurs formats (PDF, epub, mobipocket, ...), les met tous à disposition (sauf lorsque l'éditeur l'interdit).

abott paul said...
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