Sunday, December 13, 2009

Archos 5 IT and Mac OSX - when it comes to connecting in ADB mode

The filesystem used by the Archos 5 IT is ext3 as stated in the FAQ

As MacOSX does not support anymore, one way to connect the Archos 5IT to the Mac is by using ADB - Android Debug Bridge. Here are the Archos 5IT support instructions.

As stated, everything works directly with MacOSX, nothing to install.
To make a check :
  • connect the Archos 5IT to the Mac using the USB cable
  • open a Terminal (you'll find it in /Application/Utilities)
  • go to the directory where the Android SDK has been installed, and from here, go to the tools sub-directory (you better add the Android SDK's path to your PATH)
  • just do an « adb devices » command
  • the answer should be something like

    List of devices attached
    0123456789ABCDEF device

    where the device is the Archos 5IT

Instructions to use ADB can be found on Android's Developers site and on Android wiki. In short, exec a « push » to put a file on the device and a « pull » to get a file from the device.

Using ADB, you can even access the full Archos 5IT filesystem.

ADB support bug in the Archos 5IT latests firmwares

The 1.4.09 and 1.4.08 Archos 5 IT firmwares both have a bug in the ADB support that makes the device not be found and ADB mode not working at all.
You have to stay back on Archos 5IT 1.3.07 firmware in order to use ADB connection mode on Mac OSX.