Saturday, December 26, 2009

Track Site - description of the goal and functions

Do you ever want to add a note to an article you just read while crawling the web ?
Or just add a mark on an article to remember to read it later ?
Or wonder what is the best folder to store a new bookmark ?
Or can't remember the login you used to register on a website ?
Or the mail address you used to subscribe to the site's newsletter ?

Most browsers does not allow to add meaningful notes on bookmarks !
So here is the "Track Site" app.

This App allows for sites's bookmarking, giving them a name, adding an optional description, and optionally adding some tags.
Those information are stored in a plain text file ("/sdcard/sites.ini").
A html file of all bookmarks can be generated ("/sdcard/track_sites.html").
And bookmarks can be shared with others by email or SMS.

Look for "Track Site" on Google's Android marketplace and on Archos's AppsLib marketplace.

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