Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nexus One - how to upgrade to CyanogenMod-5 [stable 5.0.6 version of 04/15/2010] - detailled instructions

I just upgraded my Nexus One to CyanogenMod-5: Kang Central Station (STABLE) [04/15/2010 / 5.0.6].

As it is just a CyanogenMod-5 upgrade from to 5.0.6-N1, only the following steps are required :
  1. download the Cyanogen 5.0.6-N1 (the latest stable CyanogenMod for the Nexus One) from Cyanogenmod For Nexus One V5.0.6 (04/15/2010) :
  2. check the MD5 sum :
    and check the checksum
    MD5 ( = 43835d679958294befa16af78bf7311b
    against the one of the forum MD5Sum: 43835d679958294befa16af78bf7311b
  3. connect the Nexus One to the computer and mount the Nexus One in the Mac
  4. copy the Cyanogen 5.0.6-N1 (the file to the root of the Nexus One SD-card. Wait a few seconds in order to be sure everything is copied to the SDcard. Unmount the Nexus One on your computer.
  5. Reboot the Nexus One in bootloader mode : hold down the trackball while you press the power button. Ensure to maintain the trackball hold down until the screens turns to a white screen with 3 green android skating at the bottom of the screen. Ensure that the Nexus One stay connected to the computer via the USB cable.
  6. on the screen, the BOOTLOADER should be highlighted with blue. press power button
  7. on the new screen, scroll down with the Volume down button to highlight the RECOVERY option. Press the power button.
  8. the Nexus One reboots and after a few seconds, the screen title with "Android system recovery" appears, with the "Build : RA-nexus-v1.7.0" at the bottom of the screen. The screen should be in cyan instead of green if the Nexus One has already been rooted
  9. scroll down with the trackball to the "Backup/Restore" menu and press the trackball
  10. on the new screen "Choose backup/restore item" choose the option "Nand Backup" (the first one) by scrolling down the trackball and press the trackball to select it. The question "Create Nandroid backup?" appears at the bottom of the screen, so press the trackball to confirm as it is stated
  11. The backup starts, it takes a few seconds to complete. At the end of the backup, the cyan screen is restored. Press Volume down button to return to the previous screen "Android system recovery".
  12. FIRST INSTALL ONLY : scroll down to the "Wipe" item using the trackball and press the trackball to select the option
  13. FIRST INSTALL ONLY : in the new screen "Choose wipe item", using the trackball, select every wipe item one after the other and perform the wipe pressing the trackball. When every wipe has been performed, return the the previous screen using Volume Down button.
  14. back to the Android system recovery screen, scroll down to the Flash zip from sdcard item using the trackball. Press the trackball to select
  15. on the new screen "Choose update ZIP file", use the trackball to select the right ZIP file to flash. Here, there should be only one zip file available to flash : then press the trackball to start the flashing. Press the trackball again to confirm flashing on the question "Install : ?" that appears at the bottom of the screen. The ROM flashing starts and many messages appears on the screen.
  16. after some time, the message "Install from sdcard complete" appears and you're back to the cyan screen "Android system recovery" with the item "Reboot system now" selected by default
  17. just select the default option by pressing the trackball down. The Nexus One reboots.
  18. after the Nexus One has boot the normal way, just to be sure, check the "Mod version" value in the "Setting" then "About Phone" : the value should be "CyanogenMod-5.0.6-N1"

I adapted the instructions from Step by Step Guide on How to Install Cyanogen Mod ROM on your Nexus One! to perform the upgrade.


a2b said...

What a surprise to discover an exact reproduction of this post here Nexus One – how to upgrade to CyanogenMod-5 [stable 5.0.6 version of 04/15/2010] – detailled instructions at on the Android Boss site, under the « Nexus One » category.

The problem is not with the copy, I'm ok with that.
The problem is that there was **NO** mention of the original post, not even a simple link on my post.

a2b said...

Just want to add that :

- the upgrade was performed from MacOSX 10.6.3

- doesn't present any difficulty — considering the much longer rooting process — thanks to the detailed instructions and screen photos from Step by Step Guide on How to Install Cyanogen Mod ROM on your Nexus One!

- the only step of wondering was whether a WIPE is required or not : finaly, as Cyanogen doesn't mention it in his upgrade process, I haven't done one ; and it seems to be a good choice considering the many posts in the forum of those that choose to perform one

- requires about an hour, as I wrote this post at the same time

The result is quite good with CM5 5.0.6 :

- the nexus works perfectly

- the 3G issue is still not solved, but the N1 jumps far more from 3G to HSPDA, which is a kind of solution : when the N1 stay for too long on 3G with nothing else happening, it's time to activate Airplane mode just to reset the chip, then go back to Connected mode (de-activate Airplane mode)

- the screen becoming crazy issue is still not solved : perhaps it becomes less frequent, but I'm not confident at all in that

a2b said...

some resources :
How to: Rooting your Nexus One - a definitive guide to what’s involved : a kind of introduction to understand what rooting is about

Rooting Explained + Top 5 Benefits Of Rooting Your Android Phone : everything is in the title

a2b said...

Android just published a [Complete Guide] How To Flash A Custom ROM To Your Android Phone With ROM Manager + Full Backup & Restore that's not just about CyanogenMod Android ROM but also about other custom ROMs (DamageControl, ...)