Wednesday, May 16, 2012

HTC One X international (GSM - Tegra3) : 1.29.401.7 OTA failed due to custom recovery - failed to verify whole-file signature

My HTC One X is an international model (GSM - Tegra 3) with a 1.28.401.9 ROM (Software Number). The stock recovery has been replaced with the Official Clockworkmod Touch Recovery

The new 1.29.401.7 OTA upgrade (OTA_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.29.401.7-1.28.401.9_release) failed with the following error message :
E: failed to verify whole-file signature
E: signature verification failed
Installation aborted

This error message has already been reported on 1.28.401.9 OTA in the thread 1.28.401.9 OTA problem with unlock/root?.

The error diagnosis is in broncogr's post :

You need stock recovery to apply OTA...
You dont flash it yourself from recovery!!!
The update program does that

The instructions to flash stock recovery in order for the upgrade to work were given in the posts by amacrobie and Squidinker, and merged here :
  • 1. Download the OTA using the handset : go to Settings -> About -> Software Updates -> Check now
  • 2. Flash stock recovery
    • Download the stock recovery (or download it from the link in the CWM thread iirc)
    • Put the file endeavoru_recovery_signed.img in the same place as the fastboot you used to change the bootloader the first time
    • Reboot the phone into Fastboot by holding down the vol-down and power switch. Keep holding it until you have the boot menu and can select Fastboot.
    • Then connect the phone by usb to your desktop.
    • Open a command shell (or a Command prompt on Windows)
    • Navigate to the folder with fastboot and type the following :
      fastboot flash recovery endeavoru_recovery_signed.img
  • 3. Reboot
  • 4. Go to Settings -> About -> Software Updates -> Check now
    Assuming you already downloaded it, you'll be prompted to install it
  • 5. The OTA update reboots twice

From then you can re-flash the custom recovery, and the re-root : everything is detailed in HTC One X (GSM) : detailed instructions to unlock bootloader, install custom recovery and root

But it didn't work in my case : the OTA upgrade still continues to fail during the install. That's why I decided to flash the Modaco custom stock ROM DUO Ir1 1.29.401.7 - HTC One X (Tegra 3) Stock ROM DUO [Deodexed-Updated-Optimised]

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KimHong said...

I've tried to flash the endeavoru_recovery_signed.img but failed. What's wrong? I can't update to 1.29.707.11 !! HELP!!