Sunday, December 11, 2011

Is the Galaxy Nexus still a "Nexus" ?

XDA Developers has discovered that some Galaxy Nexus - the Google's new flagship - don't have the right « yakju » software configuration. The other software configurations - « yakjusc » and « yakjuxw » - are from Samsung.

As stated in the full story Is the Galaxy Nexus Still a “Nexus?”
The true, Google-controlled version is yakju—the rest being Samsung-controlled variants, thereof. All carry the hardware code name maguro, so it is plausible that they can be flashed to yakju. However, according to Android software engineer Jean-Baptise Queru, it is unclear at this time whether this is actually possible.

yakjusc and yakjuxw are indeed the two Samsung-prepared builds I’m aware of at the moment, but I’m discovering them as they get released. I only have some visibility over the builds that are prepared by Google, i.e. yakju. Everything else comes from Samsung and I don’t know what their schedules and release plans are. I can’t guarantee that flashing the yakju files that I posted would work on a device that originally shipped with yakjuxw, as I don’t have access to such devices. The hardware is supposed to be close, but I don’t know for sure that it’s close enough. JBQ

The software version is in the /system/build.prop property file in the property which should looks like . An full copy of a /system/build.prop property file can be found here in post #5.

Here are some ways to check your /system/build.prop property file's software version :
  • easiest way : use a file manager on the device as stated in post #41
  • upload the /system/build.prop file on your desktop computer using adb and look for the property value there as stated in post #27

Follow the whole story on XDA Developers forum My Galaxy Nexus came with Samsung ICS build rather then google...

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