Saturday, October 30, 2010

Desire HD Ace : how to temporary root - [GUIDE] Temp Root [VISIONary by PaulOBrien]

Right now, there's no permanent rooting solution for the new HTC Desire HD (for UK).

But there's a temporary root solution provided by MoDaCo with the VISIONary app available on the Android Market.


a2b said...

As stated in XDA developers forum comments about Desire HD, rooting breaks the whole Android security model : "[...] gives a root app permissions that a normal app can't get, like for example reading and writing in the space of another app (and of course reading and writing to the system directory).. So rooting pretty much contradicts the whole Android security model."

a2b said...

Rooting issue for the HTC Desire HD (Ace) seems to be the same as for the HTC Vision aka T-Mobile G2 (US) aka Desire Z (Europe). Discussions can be found here on HTC Vision's page of XDA Developers

a2b said...

The [GUIDE] Instructions to Root G2 [Temp Root] on XDA Developers