Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and Best Wishes to Android for 2010 - should we make the best use of Android for the Good of all of us

Everything is in the title !! ;-)

For some years now, mobility had started to be more and more important, taking more and more space, and being more and more a reality. There's still a lot of evolutions to advent on the device side before some of the great promises of the Science Fiction — books, movies, ... — can be fulfilled. And those evolutions on the device side will drive deep evolutions not only on the way we use the devices but also on the way we behave, that is to say on our civilisation.

Businesses like Google, Apple, Archos, Facebook, Twitter ... just to cite some of them, have already started to change the way we behave, making businesses more web-oriented and making us more connected for example. They all want to continue to be the businesses of the future, and thus want to continue to shape our future.

As citizens, it's our responsibility to define what we want for our future, to say what we are ready to accept, and what we are not. We can do it as customers, as we have a great impact on existing businesses and on those that may appear. And we can do it as developers, as we can help fulfill existing customers needs, and even makes it possible for new needs/behaviors to emerge.

Android is one of those many technologies that should help us today to shape part of our future. So my Best Wishes to Android, to it's eco-system — apps developers and all the people that make businesses with and around it — and to all the Users for 2010.

Should we make the best use of Android for the Good of all of us.

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