Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nexus One - Google announced the so awaited software update for Nexus One phones

Google announced on the Nexus One official blog the so awaited New Software Update for Nexus One phones that will solve the reported 3G connectivity problem.

The update will also bring some improvements on Google Maps, introduced the Pinch-to-zoom functionality and the Google Goggles app.

Here are Google's instructions to install the update that will be rolled out until the end of the week : "In order to access the update, you will receive a message on your phone's notification bar. Just download the update, wait for it to install, and you should be all set."

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a2b said...

French speaking people can find in Comment mettre manuellement à jour son Nexus One ? detailled instruction to apply the Nexus One update manually, not waiting for the OTA update