Friday, October 29, 2010

Track Site : how to backup and restore your bookmarks

Before changing Android phone or making a factory reset, you need to backup your Track Site bookmarks before, in order to restore them on your new Android phone or after the factory reset.

1) Backup the bookmarks

To backup, go to "Menu" --> "More" --> "Backup".

The "track_sites.ini" file is created at the root of the SD card. The backup erase any file with the same name.

2.1) Factory reset

If you just make a factory reset, keeping the same phone, you don't have anything more to do, as long as you don't erase your SD card or format it : proceed with the factory reset, then restore your bookmarks following the instructions of section 3) below.

If you want to change your SD card or format it, you need to keep the backup (the "track_sites.ini" file) in a safe place before changing your SD card or formatting it, and then follow the instructions in the next 2.2) section

2.2) Transfer to a new phone

If you change your Android phone or your SD card or format your SD card, you need to transfer the "track_sites.ini" file from your old phone to the root of the SD card on your new Android phone.

This can be done in 2 ways :
  1. The easiest way (recommended) is by connecting your phone to a desktop computer (PC / Mac / Linux) and mounting it as an USB drive.

    This is direct on Mac.
    You need a driver on Windows.

    You just have to copy the "track_sites.ini" file from your old phone phone to the new one (or to a safe place on your computer if you want to format your SD card or change it).
    Then, unmount or disconnect the new phone from USB in order to be able to access the SD card contents.
  2. Developers can use the adb tool (see 2.2 bis) below).

3) Restore the bookmarks

To restore your bookmarks, go to "Menu" --> "More" --> "Restore"
The "track_sites.ini" file is read from the root of the SD card and it's content is loaded in the Track Site app.

Be aware of not loading the file multiple times as file bookmarks are added to the ones that may already exists.

2.2 bis) The adb (hard) way for the developers

The "USB debugging" option should have been activated on both phones ("Settings" --> "Applications" --> "Development" --> "USB debugging").

The full file path is /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini

And here is how to get it and transfer it :
  • a) ensure your phone is available

    mac:~ $ adb devices
    List of devices attached
    xxxxxxxxxxx6 device
  • b) ensure the file is where you think it is

    mac:~ $ adb shell
    # ls -l /mnt/sdcard/tra*.ini
    ----rwxr-x 1 system sdcard_r 30719 Oct 28 12:57 /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini
    # exit
    mac:~ $
  • c) then go to the directory where you want to download the file (Downloads in the following example) and pull it

    mac:~ $ cd Downloads/
    mac:Downloads $ adb pull /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini
    847 KB/s (30719 bytes in 0.035s)
    mac:~ $
  • d) then connect the new phone as in a).

    Ensure the old phone is disconnected from your system or you end up with 2 devices (2 lines) with the adb devices command.

    mac:Downloads $ adb devices
    List of devices attached
    xxxxxxxxxxx6 device
    yyyyyyyyyyy9 device
    mac:~ $
  • e) remove any /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini file from the destination.

    mac:Downloads $ adb -s yyyyyyyyyyy9 shell
    $ ls -l /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini
    ----rwxr-x system sdcard_rw 1241 2010-10-29 11:03 track_sites.ini
    $ rm /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini
    $ ls -l /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini
    /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini: No such file or directory
    $ exit
    mac:~ $
  • f) push the track_sites.ini file to its final location /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini.

    mac:Downloads $ adb -s yyyyyyyyyyy9 push track_sites.ini /mnt/sdcard/track_sites.ini
    1505 KB/s (30719 bytes in 0.019s)
    mac:~ $

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